"Mukashi Mukashi" has been loved by many celebrities over the 25 years since its establishment.Kyoto yuzen has been handed down from Genroku Era to today.Kyoto yuzen has fusion with depth which tradition creates and original patent technology. It has been loved many people .

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Tatami is a traditional type of Japanese flooring more than 1000 years and wich made of the combination of rice straw and the rush (igusa) Tatami has been loved by many Japanese people long times ago. Because Tatami have original cool feeling,and bring someone peace and comfort,in addition,an array of exquisite colors. And,Tatami let air through and absorb moisture


Kyoyuzen is one of the Kyoto's traditional craft. The technique of Kyo-Yuzen originated with a "Miyazaki Yuzensai", who was originally produced fans. Yuzen is delicate and keep colors bright so it has been loved by many people long times ago.